Who is the Free Christian Dating Site?

This website was developed in and for the UK but has been extended to also cater for use by Christians throughout the world. The mission of the FREE Christian Dating Site is to provide a user friendly site which allows Christians at no charge to find, meet and start connecting with other Christians.

This site has been built and named for the purposes of offering a completely free service and our aim is to never charge for any service we provide. We also want to continually build up this service so that what starts out as just a basic dating website can be built up to include other functionality for organising Christian singles events, outreach, prayer and support networks for Christians throughout the world.

Support us - 5 simple ways to help us

If you like our site and like what we are aiming for and would like to help, below are just a couple suggestions of stuff you could do to help us keep improving, growing and being blessed.

  1. Pray for our site and our team - just a 'Please God bless this site, Amen.' would be great
    God has already blessed us with this site and a team who are dedicated to providing a free service to bless the church. We strongly believe prayer is a real key to seeing break through and sucess so if you can spare time for a quick prayer that would really bless us.
  2. Tell your friends
    If you have single Christian friends then tell them about our site, send a message out to your friends on Facebook or click here to download a poster which you could print out and put up in your church.
  3. Keep our site clean - Report Spammers, Bogus Profiles, Abusive Users
    If you get any messages from spammers, abusive messages or find bogus profiles if you can report these to us by clicking the report to admin buttons this really helps us make sure the site isn't missused. Your help in reporting these issues is really valuable to us.
  4. Do you have an Idea?
    If you have an idea of how we can improve our services or new functionality which would really help Christians meet. mingle and encourage each other contact us. We would love to hear your ideas on how you feel we can make the site better so if there is something you would like to see on our site just get in touch.
  5. Buy from our sponsors - don't buy what you don't need or can't afford!
    We don't ask for donations and want to keep this service 100% FREE! But if you are shopping online we have a number of banners on our site for a whole range of companies and we generate money when people click on these links and buy products from our affiliates. The money we get from these links is only very minimal but it helps pay for our running costs. So next time you need new car insurance or a book from amazon if you could click onto their site from ours that helps us cover our costs. Thanks
  6. Link to Us - do you have a website? link to us...
    If you have a website and would be willing to support us with a link from your site we would really appreciate it. We also have a links page and if you would like reciprical links contact us for more information.

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